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Facebook Advertising Strategy

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Master the Facebook Advertising platform to create succesful ads.

Course Instructor

Sandi is an industry professional in the social media and digital marketing space working with A-list musicians, comedians, major motion pictures, and mom and pop shops. She will teach the industry standard methods and strategies needed to organize and strategize your social media approach so you can be fully equipped to have a strong foundation that can be grown upon.

Whether you are brand new to Facebook ads or you are experienced with ad buys you will get great benefit with this step-by-step guide. All the information shared with you in this guide is from year of experience running ads working with clients across multiple industries. The Facebook Advertising guide is designed to help you to optimize your advertising strategy to market your page and find your target demographic. Advertising on the Facebook platform allows you so much control and once you learn the foundational concepts, I know that you’ll be comfortable in managing your advertising strategy on Facebook. 

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